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Nokta Golden King DPR Plus Metal detector

Well known to treasure hunters, with great results achieved. Golden King is equipped with features offered by no other detectors, which allows you to obtain more accurate results during explorations.

Nokta Golden King has fully digital interface, you can view all your moves in real-time as well as obtain all the data about the signal (such as strength, depth, discrimination) from the SCOPE, RADAR and REPORT screens present in the same interface.

The most striking feature of the system is the 3D digital signal processing function, which no other detector manufactured to retrieve underground data has achieved up to date.

Golden King 3D use LINUX technology. Golden King has water-resistant video camera with automatic night mode giving you opportunity to made recordings and see small and depth places where you cannot go inside. Golden King also has gas sensor for measuring dangerous values of hazardous gasses that can be fatal to your life during excavations.

Sale Includes:
- Nokta Golden King
- Surface Search Coil 24cm x 32cm (12.5”)
- General Purpose Search Coil 36cm x 44cm (17”)
- Deep Search Coil 60cm x 100cm (39”)
- Waterproof Night Vision Video Camera 30m (100ft.) Cable
- Gas Sensor
- Carrying Harness and 2 big Carrying bags

• Systems Box: Contains all electronics with 7” TFT screen
• Deep Search Head: Strong high-impact ABS non-twist plastic 24”X39”
• General Detection Head Hi-Impact Non-Twist ABS plastic 14”X17”
• Electronic Shaft (Joystick) with arm rest and stand
• Camera with full capacity for daytime and nighttime use to 100 Ft. (30Mt.)
• Gas Sensor: Safety factor for Methane Gas in caves, Crevices, Tunnels, etc.
• Headphones: Full Sound with volume control. Padded headband for comfort
• Lithium-ion battery: Lighter, longer lasting performance
• Universal AC Wall Charger, 100 to 240 Volts, 50 and 60 Hz, includes USA adapter
• Car Charger 12 Volts
• Leather carrying harness for System Box
• Cordura Nylon carrying bag, double zipper, reinforced carrying handle (For Deep Search Head)
• Cordura Nylon carrying bag for all equipment


Operating Principle : VLF Induction Balance
Microprocessor : 32-bit ARM9 core running at 216MHz + 16-bit co-processor
Software : GUI with multi-language support
Noise Cancellation : Manual Reset
Discrimination : Ferrous, Alloy, Steel, Non-Ferrous, Gold
Target Identification : Signal strength and target size correlation with 3D view
Sensitivity Setting : Manual
Ground Balance Modes : Automatic and Manual
Search Coils : 36x44cm (17'') Double-D search coil, 24x32cm (12.5'') Double-D surface search coil, 60x100cm (39'') Double-D deep search coil (DPR PLUS)
Battery : 6400mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
Display : 7'' WVGA color TFT display
Headphone Output : 1/4'' stereo
Video Camera (DPR PLUS) : Night vision, waterproof, land & underwater video camera with 30m.cable
Gas Sensor (DPR PLUS) : Methane sensitive gas sensor
3D View Records : Save up to 100 3D records
Length : 90 - 120cm (35 - 49'') extendable
System Box Weight : 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) (including the battery) - hang around the neck
Search Handle & Coil Weight : 2.3kg (5.0 lbs)
Warranty : 2 years (system box)