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OKM Exp 5000 Gold metal detector

OKM eXp 5000 Gold Edition Super Sensor Livestream Sensor DDV System Depth up to 25 meters, best resolution, livestream scanning, thermoscanning, discrimination, tunel detection and 3D post-processing Visualisation software.

Exp 5000 is top of the OKM line ground scanner. Featuring great ground scanning capabilities as 25 meter depth, best resolution available using Super Sensor, various lengths of GPR antennas, livestream scanning option using Livestream sensor, precise tunnel detection using antenna for Tunnel detection, thermoscanning possibility using FS-Thermoscan and post-processing software Visualizer 3D, gave you perfect machine in your hands.

Exp 5000 is suitable for Archeological exploration and treasure hunting. Using compact equipment and visualisation through video eyeglasses, offers you easy handling, accurate ground scanning and great results.

OKM eXp 5000 GOLD EDITION (Complete accesories) includes:

- OKM EXP 5000
- Video Eyeglasses with Integrated Headphones
- External Power Supply with Charger and Cable 12V
- User Manual
- Telescopic RodAssembly
- Joystick
- 2 Peli Carrying Case
- GPR-Antenna 50cm
- Visualizer 3D Softwarewith USB Data Cable)
- GPR-Antenna ( 75cm )
- GPR-Antenna ( 100cm )
- DDV System (Disc Detector Visualization System)
- Antenna for tunnel detection
- Super Sensor
- FS-Thermoscan
- Livestream Sensor
- + Extra Power Pack