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Topcon GR-3 Base Rover for sale, complete set UHF GLONASS GALILEO FC-2500 Data Collector, 3mm accuracy, Digital UHF Internal radio, Calibrated

Used Topcon GR-3 UHF Dual base and rover with FC-2500 Data Collector. GPS GLONASS/GNSS - Galileo with 3mm accuracy, Digital UHF Internal radio.

Manufacture date 2011, has calibrated and Ready to work, low hours and mint condition, Glonass full activated. The FC-2500 data collector has TopSurv 7 software. If you are in need of an RTK set up with the high Accuracy verticals this is it.

This complete GR-3 UHF Dual base and rover includes everything and ready to work;

  • 2x GR-3 Rover and Base, Internal Digital UHF Radio, Glonass Full, Galileo
  • 1x Topcon FC-2500 Controller with TopSurv 7 software
  • 4x New Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Antennas
  • Tribrach with Adaptor
  • All required Cables
  • Hard Pelican Case
  • Tripod
  • Bi pod
  • Pole

The Tocpon GR-3 is the next generation RTK GPS system from Topcon

The World’s First G3 (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) capable GNSS receiver, and a clear indication of Topcon;s technology leadership in the satellite positioning industry. This exciting new system incorporates G3 tracking technology to track all three satellite positioning systems as well as new design features not found in any other system

Features and Benefits;

  • Digital UHF or Spread Spectrum radio
  • Advanced Rugged System Design
  • Optional Internal GSM / GPRS / CDMA Cellular Communication
  • 72 Universal Tracking Channels
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • G3 Satellite Tracking (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo)

GPS receiver design has taken a quantum leap forward with the new GR-3. It starts with 72 “universal” channels that support all current and planned satellite positioning signals. Then there’s the micro-tuned, precision antenna capable of receiving all G3 positioning signals with Topcon’s patented center-mount radio antenna for superior signal tracking and interference reduction.

The GR-3 receiver incorporates a unique dual communication system, featuring both cellular and radio technology. Offering a 915 MHz Spread Spectrum internal Tx/Rx* or Digital UHF radio, the GR-3 can serve roles as either an RTK base or rover system. And by utilizing the optional internal GSM / GPRS / CDMA modem communication system via the easily accessible cellular SIM card slot, a user can extend their range far beyond radio capability or utilize both receivers as rover systems off a fixed base station or a network system.


Enclosure Magnesium, IP66 extrusion, rainproof
Size Width 0.514 foot (156.6 mm) x Height 0.769 foot (234.5 mm) x Depth 0.514 foot (156.6 mm)
Weight 3.92 lbs (1.78 kg)
Antenna Internal Yes
Battery Two external, detachable
Controller External
Mounting 5/8” x 11 pitch, quick disconnect
Seals Silicon (molding in Color) 
Keys Two keys: Power – On/Off Function – start/stop data logging; switch information mode. 
LEDs Six LEDs: STAT – satellite and receiver status REC – record and data status RX TX – modem status BT – Bluetooth wireless technology connection status BATT x 2 – battery status
Number of Channels 72 Universal Channels
Signals Tracked
  • GPS


  • L1, L2, & L5 carrier, CA, L1 P, L2 P, L2C
  • L1, L2, & L5 carrier, L1CA, L2CA, L1 P, L2 P
  • E2-L1-E1, E5
Antenna Type Integrated Micro-Center on Flat Ground Plane
Real time DGPS accuracy H: 10mm+1ppm
V: 15mm+1ppm
Post processed Static DGP H: 3mm+0.5ppm 
V: 5mm+0.5ppm
Optional Radio Type Integrated Tx/Rx 915MHz Spread Spectrum
Base Radio Output 0.5 – 2.0 Watts, selectable
Cellular Communications Integrated via SIM Card, GSM/GPRS
Wireless Communications Integrated Bluetooth version 1.1 com
Memory  Internal, Removable SD Memory Card
Data Update/Output Rate 1 – 20Hz Selectable
Real Time Data Output TPS, RTCM SC104, CMR, CMR+
ASCII Output NMEA 0183 version 3.0
Control & Display Unit  Optional, External, Mobile Computer
Enclosure Aluminum I-Beam Housing
Operating Temperature -40 to 60C
Environmental Specification IP66 waterproof/dustproof
Shock Rating 2 meter pole drop

Download Topcon GR-3 Datasheet.pdf