Leica GX1230 GG Base Rover RTK

2008 Leica GNSS RTK GX1230 GG Base Rover GPS 1200 with RX1210T, Glonass Enabled, latest GNSS Firmware: Smartworx v8.50. Calibrated and ready to work

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Used condition Leica GX1230GG Base and Rover GNSS RTK SYSTEM with RX1210T
Manufacture date 2008, has calibrated and Ready to work, low hours.

Glonass Enabled, latest GNSS Firmware: Smartworx v8.50

Leica GX1230 GG Base Rover RTK for sale includes everything and ready to work;

- 2x Leica GX1230 Rover and Base GNSS RTK Receiver
- 2x Leica AX1202 GG Dual Frequency GPS Antenna
- 1x RX1210T GPS1200 Controller with Touch Screen
- 1x Pacific Crest PDL4535 Radios 450-470mhz
- 1x Leica GFU24 Rover Radio modem
- 4x New Leica Lith-Ion Bateries
- 2x Leica Chargers
- 2x Leica Hard Carrying case
- Rover Holder
- Radio Antenna
- Radio Antenna Cable
- Leica Tribrach
- All required Cables
- Tripod
- Radio Tripod
- Rover Rod
- Crain Bi-pod

GPS1200 as a member of the System 1200, together with TPS1200, integrates the following X-function features;

Uniform operating concept
Identical data management
Standardized accessories
Powerful application programs
The following features are provided to ensure GPS1200 provides all the flexibility, power and performance needed for every type of GNSS application:

SmartTrack GNSS technology/SmartTrack GPS technology
SmartCheck 30km RTK
Exceptionally rugged
User programmable
Light, modular equipment
GNSS Reference stations
Hidden points
ASCII input