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Leica ATX900 GG Base Rover RTK

Leica ATX900 GG Base Rover RTK sale, Complete Set GPS GLONASS receiver, Calibrated and Ready to work to survey condition

Leica ATX900 GG Base Rover RTK for sale, used 2007 in excellent condition, has calibrated and Ready to work. Complete Set GPS GLONASS receiver

Package includes;
- 2x Leica ATX900 GPS Antenna
- 1x Leica GPS900 Controller + GPS functionality software
- 2x GFU14-8, Satelline 3AS radio modem 458.150 MHz
- 1x 2Hz RTK Update Option GPS900
- 1x GEV205 GPS900 Y-Cable
- 1x GEV173, 1.2m cable ATX1230/900 RX1250/900
- 4x GEB211 Lith-Ion Battery 2Ah Used With RX1200
- 2x GAT1, Gainflex radio antenna
- 1x Tripod/GFU Adaptor
- 1x GKL221 Pro Charger & Cable (Req. GDI221/222 Plates)
- 2x GDI221 Adapter Plate for Charging GEB221/211
- 1x GLS30 Telescopic Carbon GPS Pole (2m Snap Lock)
- 1x GHT56 Holder For RX1250/900 and GFU Modem Housing
- 1x GHT52 Clamp for Holding GHT39/56 Plate on Pole
- 1x GST05L Metal Tripod, Telescopic
- 1x GDF112, Basic Tribrach with Optical Plum. new green
- 1x GRT146 Carrier with 5/8” screw, GPS antenna
- 1x GZS4-1 Height Hook
- 1x GEB171, NIMH, 12V 8AH large external battery
- 1x GEV161 2.8m Data Transfer Cable For RX1250
- 1x RX900 Application ”Reference Line”
- 1x RX900 Application ”DTM Stake Out”
- 1x RX900 Application ”Volumes”
- 1x GPS900 Shipping Case
- 1x Leica GEB 171 External battery

Leica ATX900 GG is a 72-channel GNSS antenna

The Leica ATX900 GG is a 72-channel GNSS antenna with outstanding satellite tracking characteristics even to low satellites and in adverse conditions. Compatible with both the Leica RX900 and Leica RX900c the new ATX900 GG provides fast acquisition and low noise increasing the overall performance of GPS900 particularly in demanding situations.

The Leica GPS900 range offers a choice of controllers, like the Leica RX900 with internal memory and now the new Leica RX900c. The RX900c features a ¼ VGA color display with, according to Leica, outstanding clarity and a removable CF-card for easy data transfer. The Leica RX900c runs the GPS900 firmware and through the color screen, applications are further enriched making them even easier to use. With its onboard software, Leica GPS900 can be used for several jobs including foundation and drainage work, alignment stakeout, topographic and as-built surveys. For the one-man-team, Leica GPS900 is easy to setup and use: the RTK reference and rover fit easily into a single rugged case. 

New opportunities ...

  • Control/Reference Line : Stakeout and measure relative to lines and arcs. Enter offsets and heights. Control/Reference lines can be defined using the map view. Set checks for quality control. Ideal for buildings, drainage, foundations etc
  • Stakeout: Stakeout points and digital terrain models (DTMs) with the stakeout program. Navigate directly using the map-view or usingthe large bull's eye
  • Topographic Survey: Record points with or without code and attribute information. Set criteria and measure points automatically. View the survey in the large, graphical map view display. Use the Survey program for detail, topo, title surveys etc
  • Alignment: Stakeout relative to a 3D alignment using the RoadRunner Lite option. Points can be staked out at any chainage (stationing) and offset. Work with any combination of geometric elements

Best antenna performance
Continue working even in difficult conditions. GPS900 provides the best RTK GPS performance with high accuracy measurements and fast satellite acquisition

Rugged rover
Built to military specifications the GPS900 RTK rover is incredibly robust. The cable-free all-on-the-pole rover is ideal for construction sites and other demanding workplaces.

One person, one case, one system
Increase productivity. The GPS900 is ideal for one person stakeout and survey work. Everything that is needed for a days work can be easily transported and setup

Hardware Specifications

ATX900 GPS Antenna

  • Total reliability
  • Top quality measurements
  • Measure amongst trees and obstructions
  • Acquisition and initialization within seconds

RX900 Controller

  • 1/4 VGA Touch screen
  • User-definable keys
  • Bluetooth Wireless-Technology
  • 256 MB internal memory


  • –30° C to +65° C operating temperature
  • Up to 100% humidity
  • Waterproof to 1 m temporary submersion
  • Withstands fall if pole topples over
Leica GPS900  Technical  Specifications
GPS technology  SmartTrack dual frequency 12 L1 + 12 L2
ATX900  GPS  Antenna Built-in groundplane with  SmartCheck and Bluetooth Wireless-Technology
RX900 Controller

1/4 VGA Touch  screen 
Windows CE 5.0
256 MB internal memory 
Bluetooth Wireless-Technology
RTK  range:  2500  m

SmartCheck  Horizontal accuracy: 10  mm  +1  ppm,  kinematic 
Vertical accuracy: 20 mm +1 ppm, kinematic
Position update  rate: 1 Hz  standard,  option up  to 2 Hz
Power supply Li-Ion 1.9 Ah/7.2  V for GPS900 rover. Ni-MH  8.0  Ah/12  V for  GPS900 reference setup. Power RTK rover for about 5 hours
ISO9022,  MIL-STD-810F
Operation:  –30°  C  to  +65°  C
Storage:  –40°  C  to  +80°  C
Protection  against  water, dust and sand, IP67  (IEC60529), MIL-STD-810F Waterproof  to  1  m  temporary  submersion 
Dust tight
Weight ATX900:  0.96  kg,  RX900:  0.71  kg
Entire  GPS900  RTK  rover:  3.49  kg