Leica ATX900 GG Base Rover RTK

Leica ATX900 GG Base Rover RTK sale, Complete Set GPS GLONASS receiver, Calibrated and Ready to work to survey condition

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Leica ATX900 GG Base Rover RTK for sale, used 2007 in excellent condition, has calibrated and Ready to work. Complete Set GPS GLONASS receiver

Package includes;
- 2x Leica ATX900 GPS Antenna
- 1x Leica GPS900 Controller + GPS functionality software
- 2x GFU14-8, Satelline 3AS radio modem 458.150 MHz
- 1x 2Hz RTK Update Option GPS900
- 1x GEV205 GPS900 Y-Cable
- 1x GEV173, 1.2m cable ATX1230/900 RX1250/900
- 4x GEB211 Lith-Ion Battery 2Ah Used With RX1200
- 2x GAT1, Gainflex radio antenna
- 1x Tripod/GFU Adaptor
- 1x GKL221 Pro Charger & Cable (Req. GDI221/222 Plates)
- 2x GDI221 Adapter Plate for Charging GEB221/211
- 1x GLS30 Telescopic Carbon GPS Pole (2m Snap Lock)
- 1x GHT56 Holder For RX1250/900 and GFU Modem Housing
- 1x GHT52 Clamp for Holding GHT39/56 Plate on Pole
- 1x GST05L Metal Tripod, Telescopic
- 1x GDF112, Basic Tribrach with Optical Plum. new green
- 1x GRT146 Carrier with 5/8" screw, GPS antenna
- 1x GZS4-1 Height Hook
- 1x GEB171, NIMH, 12V 8AH large external battery
- 1x GEV161 2.8m Data Transfer Cable For RX1250
- 1x RX900 Application "Reference Line"
- 1x RX900 Application "DTM Stake Out"
- 1x RX900 Application "Volumes"
- 1x GPS900 Shipping Case
- 1x Leica GEB 171 External battery