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Carlson Surveyor Plus Network RTK Smart GPS Glonass

Carlson Surveyor Plus Network RTK Smart GPS Glonass

Carlson Surveyor Plus Network RTK Smart GPS Receiver with Glonass

Sale Includes:
- Carlson Surveyor+ data collector with SurvCE TS / GPS
- Carlson GPS receiver module
- GSM modem
- GPS antenna
- antenna cable
- 2M pole
- (4) batteries (total)
- (2) chargers
- (2) 12v DC chargers
- (2) battery adapters
- pole clamp and carry case.

New RTK GPS Network Rover is loaded with Carlson SurvCE data collection software making it a powerful asset for Surveying and Construction! Working directly with AutoCAD type files, SurvCE eliminates the need to convert CAD files to special formats for typical work, saving you time and money. With features specially designed for construction layout, and surveying, this GPS rover will boost your capabilities and productivity.


  • Powerful construction layout routines
  • Advanced surveying functions
  • Intuitive graphic interface menu
  • Universal file compatibility
  • Industry leading support
  • Bolt-on dual frequency GPS plus Glonass RTK Receiver
  • Data Rate - Measurement 5Hz, Position 5 Hz
  • Dual frequency WAAS-rated to .6M
  • Network RTK connection: Internal GSM SIM card modem
  • Internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • System provides 8-plus hours total operation
  • Robust full alphanumeric keyboard
  • Memory: 1GB internal / expandable Micro SD card slot
  • Screen: Sunlight-viewable color display
  • IP67: Rugged rating / 5-foot drop / magnesium housing