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Trimble SPS930 1" Robotic Total Station

2010 Trimble SPS930 High Precision 1” Sec Accuracy Robotic Total Station with TSC3 SCS900 ver 2.92, MT1000 Prism, Machine Control Option On, Calibrated

Used condition Trimble SPS930 1” Robotic Total Station with TSC3 SCS900 software and MT1000 Prism. Manufacture date 2010, has calibrated and Ready to work, very good condition.

Comes complete TSC3 with 2.4Ghz radio and MT-1000 prism, Machine Control Option is turned on!

This complete SPS930 Robotic Total Station includes everything and ready to work;

  • 1x Trimble SPS930 High Precision 1” Robotic Total Station
  • 1x Trimble TSC3  with SCS900 ver 2.92  software (Advance Roading ) with charger and cordura case
  • 1x Trimble MT-1000 Multi-track prism
  • 1x 5 Bay Charging Kit
  • 1x Chargers
  • 1x Cables (Hirose to Hirose, Hirose to USB)
  • 3x Instrument Batteries
  • 2x Instrument and Power Kit Case
  • Tripod
  • Prism Rod
  • Bi pod

Trimble SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Station

The Trimble sps730 and sps930 universal Total stations provide five ways to measure with one instrument . servo, autolock, Robotic, Reflectorless and ATS Grade Control modes provide the ability to tackle any measurement, stakeout, reflectorless or grade control task on the jobsite – all from one instrument .

Accuracy to match Job site requirements

  • The sps930 provides 1 second horizontal and vertical angle accuracy for any precise measurement, stakeout or fine grading task
  • The sp730 provides 2 second vertical and 3 second horizontal angle accuracy to meet the needs of all but the highest precision measurement or stakeout functions on site

DR300+ long-range reflectorless measurement
The dR300+ long range reflectorless measurement capability allows you to quickly and safely measure hard-to-reach or unsafe places 300 meters away and beyond . There is no need to walk the surface with a target . You’ll realize significant increases in productivity and safety when measuring stockpiles, profiling cuttings and rock faces

Trimble multitrack technology
Trimble MultiTrack technology locks on and tracks passive prisms for applications such as monitoring or control measurements and active targets for dynamic measurement, stakeout and grade control applications active targets provide enhanced dynamic tracking performance and guaranteed lock to the correct target, especially in dusty construction site conditions . up to 16 unique channels of target identification can be used to differentiate survey crews and grade checkers from machine control operations, eliminating down time caused by unnecessary interference

Unmatched dynamic positioning 
Grade control for earthmoving and fine grading machinery requires an updated, highly accurate position delivered on a very frequent basis. The more data provided, the smoother the hydraulic control and the higher gear that the machine can operate in. The Trimble sps730 and sps930 instruments deliver an unmatched 20 hertz update rate combined with low latency, synchronized data measurements for unmatched machine performance. Combined with the Trimble MT900 active machine target they can operate at ranges up to 700 meters at +/-45 degree slopes, in the highest gear and in the dustiest conditions at the same time delivering the smoothest and most accurate finish available. Repeatability in the accuracy  of graded layers results in fewer passes, reduced fuel and maintenance, reduced rework not to mention material savings, time and associated cost benefits.

Market leading trimble technology 
Whether site positioning or operating machines, tracking the target especially at short range or in areas where the rate of change of angle is high always creates a challenge . having fast response time and fast servos allows the instrument to change direction, and track more reliably. The Trimble sps730 and sps930 utilize Trimble’s patented Magdrive fourth generation servo technology, which utilizes magnetic levitation to eliminate direct drive and friction from the servo system. Combined with the USB communications network for the fastest command response time, the instruments deliver the fastest tracking, fastest turning, most responsive instrument available, perfect for high speed dynamic operation for grade control applications.

Total stations depend on being level to deliver accurate results . When an instrument is knocked, buffeted by wind or subjected to ground vibration or settlement it’s level is affected. Dual axis compensation corrects the angle measurement system for mislevel, but doesn’t change the instruments pointing to account for the associated errors . Trimble’s patented surepoint technology not only corrects the angles for mislevel, it also continually adjusts the instruments pointing for that mislevel delivering the most accurate automated positioning system available

Powered by trimble scs900 site controller software
The power of the instrument is unleashed through the software that drives it . SCS900 software has been developed as a contractor’s tool, to provide simple easy to understand workflows which are dedicated to the construction jobsite . Combined with Trimble’s Intelligent data Tracking technology, sCs900 will meet all of your stakeout, measurement, grade control and quality control requirements.

The Trimble sps730 and sp930 universal Total stations are packed with market leading features such as 

  • Long life integrated smart batteries
  • Bluetooth for cable free operation
  • Ergonomic servo focus
  • Detachable control unitEccentric and detachable handle for a full vertical sweep of the telescope

Combined, these features make the instrument the simplest yet most sophisticated instrument available for all your jobsite needs . no matter what job they are doing, sps total stations will deliver unmatched user experience, all round capability and incredible results.

Download Trimble SPS730 and SPS930 Total Station.pdf