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Trimble S8 1" Robotic Total Station

Sale Trimble S8 1” Robotic Total Station for sale with TSC3 ACCESS, 2.4Ghz radio and MT-1000 prism. Low Hours, Calibrated and ready to work

Used Trimble S8 1” Robotic Total Station for sale with TSC3 ACCESS software installed and MT1000 Prism. Manufacture date 2012, has calibrated and Ready to work, low hours

Comes complete TSC3 with 2.4Ghz radio and MT-1000 prism. Machine Control Option is turned on!

This complete S8 Robotic Total Station includes everything and ready to work:

- 1X Trimble S8 1” Robotic Total Station with Finelock
- 1X Trimble TSC3  with Access Software ( Roading Enabled) and 2.4 ghz radio
- 1X Trimble MT-1000 Multi-track prism
- 1X 5 Bay Charging Kit
- 1X Chargers
- 1X Cables (Hirose to Hirose, Hirose to USB)
- 3X Instrument Batteries
- 2X Instrument and Power Kit Case
- Seco Tripod
- Trimble Prism Rod
- Trimble Bi pod

The Trimble S8 Total Station is Trimble's most advanced total station.

Introduced in 2007, the Trimble S8 Total Station is Trimble's most advanced Autolock and Robotic total station. The Trimble S8 designed to deliver unsurpassed performance in both surveying and specialized engineering applications, the Trimble S8 offers 1” angular accuracy and EDM precision of 1 mm + 1 ppm, plus numerous features to enhance efficiency and productivity, new 0.5” accuracy models have been added for demanding engineering projects such as monitoring, precision build, and high-speed railway applications that require the highest levels of accuracy available.


The Trimble S8 instrument is built on Trimble's latest total station platform . Whatever your application in surveying or specialized engineering, you can benefit from the latest optical technology to increase your productivity.  For instance, Trimble MagDrive servo technology ensures the Trimble S8 is fast and silent, so you can survey or monitor (unobtrusively) targets up to 40% faster than conventional motorized total stations, detect movements faster, and initiate alarms earlier. Wear and tear is also greatly reduced due to the MagDrive frictionless motion, making worry-free 24/7 operation possible.


The Trimble S8 Total Station works in harmony with Trimble Survey Controller field software and the new Trimble 4D Control software to provide a seamlessly connected, complete solution for specialized applications.

Trimble S8 Total Station

  • The Trimble S8 is equipped with unique features such as: Trimble FineLock technology is a smart tracker sensor with a narrow field of view that enables the Trimble S8 to detect a target without interference from surrounding prisms. This feature makes the mounting of prisms more flexible, and offers outstanding and reliable accuracy.
  • 10 Hz high-speed synchronized data output makes data collection in dynamic applications faster and more accurate. For example, for railway monitoring a trolley or ATV can move more quickly without compromising accuracy.

Trimble Survey Controller Field Software - Engineering Module

Trimble Survey Controller software now offers a separate Engineering module. Because this Trimble engineering solution uses the Trimble Survey Controller interface, it's easy for surveying businesses to broaden their offering to engineering applications—crews don’t need to learn new software.

Trimble 4D Control Software

Trimble 4D Control is postprocessing software designed for engineering applications, including monitoring . It reads rounds from Trimble Survey Controller in the JobXML format as individual sessions, and indicates any movement of targets over time. Results in the highly visual interface are easy to analyze, and the software is customizable to provide features such as target movement warnings and alarms.


Whatever your application, the Trimble S8 Total Station offers the full Trimble Integrated Surveying solution. For engineering applications, data flow from the field to the Trimble 4D Control software is seamless, and the display of results fast as a result. When not in use for engineering applications, the Trimble S8 Total Station integrates into the Trimble solution for more typical surveying applications. For example, its optical data can be combined with GPS and 3D scanning data, or it can be used as a Trimble I.S.Rover. The flexibility of the Trimble S8 secures your investment and ensures a fast return on investment

Download Trimble S8 Datasheet.pdf