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Trimble SPS730 3" Robotic Total Station

Trimble SPS730 3” Robotic Total Station

Trimble SPS730 3” Robotic Total Station Kit for sale, this set up is in good condition and ready to go to work. This is a  3″/2″ second gun with the latest firmware upgrades. The fastest most accurate Robotic Station with ready to working order with Trimble working standards

This unit has been shop tested CALIBRATED and is ready to work out the box, includes a Trimble TSC2 with the 2.4 ghz radio and loaded with SCS900.

This unit also has the the machine control option enabled ($1500). This allows you to use this gun with pavers, milling machine or motorgraders ETC using the MT900 target  (MT900 is available in seperate listing).

This gun can be used as an S6 if you want to switch the software. This unit is Reflectorless, has Autolock and the laser pointer.

This unit comes with the 360 prism. We can upgrade you to an MT1000 active tracking prism for additional cost.

If you want the system configured with a TSC2 with Survey Controller/ Access or an active prism to please let us know and we will configure it base on needs!

Sale includes:

  • Trimble SPS730 DR300+ High Precision 3″/2″ Robotic Total Station
  • Trimble TSC2 with SCS900 software V 2.92 and 2.4 ghz radio
  • Trimble 360 Prism
  • Charging Kit
  • Chargers
  • Cables (Hirose to Hirose)
  • 3X Batteries
  • TripoD
  • Prism Rod
  • Crain Bi pod