Topcon GPT-7501 Reflectorless Total Station

Topcon GPT-7501 Reflectorless Total Station
$ 6200
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New Topcon GPT-7501 1", 2000m Reflectorless, Total Station with Windows CE Software, Dual Display, SD card Slot, USB port

Sale Includes:
Gpt-7501 Total Station
Bc-30b Battery Charger (120v)
Cable, F-25 Usb
Bt-65q Battery (2)
Objective Cap
Silicon Cloth
Plumbing Bob F1/F2/M3/Edm
Tool Case Only
Adjusting Pin (2)
Card, 1,2,3,5 Year Warranty
Decal Caution - Laser Light
Operations Manual
Hard Carrying Case

Advanced Standard And Non-Prism Total Station Gpt-7500/Gts-750 Gpt
Topcon does it again – an even smaller, lighter, faster, survey solution to handle your biggest jobs

World's Longest Range Reflectorless EDM
(2000m) (GPT-7500)
Backlit keypad and display
USB Type A and USB mini slots
Increased Battery Capacity (5000mAh)
Advanced WinCE processor on-board
New smaller, lighter design

World's Longest Range Reflectorless EDM (GPT-7500 only)
Most powerful reflectorless EDM available (2000m)
Long range power means unsurpassed short range performance
Pinpoint accuracy with narrow, focused beam
Dual backlit full keypad (1” & 3” models only)
Smaller, lightweight design and rugged construction for ease of transport and durability
Rechargeable batteries provide increased operating times Visibly Different

Expand on-board memory or move file using
Compact Flash technology
Upload or download data directly to a PC in the field or office using the USB A port
Use the mini USB port to connect to activesync.
The GTS-750 and GPT-7500 models have an external data port for use with external data collectors from Topcon and other third parties. The On-board Windows CE system allows other third party software to be loaded on-board.
Expanded import and export for CAD packages
Exclusive enhanced right mouse support
Multiple layer selection
Exclusive Topo Grid Function
Improved digital level support