Trimble S8-1 High Precision Robotic Total Station

Used 2012 Trimble S8 High Precision 1 Sec Accuracy Robotic with TSC3 ACCESS, 2.4Ghz radio and MT-1000 prism. Low Hours, Calibrated and ready to work

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Used condition Trimble S8 High Precision 1" Sec Accuracy Robotic Total Station with TSC3 ACCESS software installed and MT1000 Prism. Manufacture date 2012, has calibrated and Ready to work, low hours.

Comes complete TSC3 with 2.4Ghz radio and MT-1000 prism

Machine Control Option is turned on!

This complete S8 Robotic Total Station includes everything and ready to work:

- 1X Trimble S8 High Precision 1" Robotic Total Station with Finelock
- 1X Trimble TSC3  with Access Software ( Roading Enabled) and 2.4 ghz radio
- 1X Trimble MT-1000 Multi-track prism
- 1X 5 Bay Charging Kit
- 1X Chargers
- 1X Cables (Hirose to Hirose, Hirose to USB)
- 3X Instrument Batteries
- 2X Instrument and Power Kit Case
- Seco Tripod
- Trimble Prism Rod
- Trimble Bi pod